Thai Luang Family Sauces


For ten years we have been serving Thai food in our family run Herndon Restaurant. All our dishes and sauces are made from the very best ingredients and prepared using our own recipes. Our customers tell us that our food is the best Thai food they have enjoyed outside Thailand. We have also served selections from our menu at the Herndon festivals, to overwhelming success. During this time, in our restaurant and at these festivals, our customers have frequently asked us to make our sauces available to take home.

By popular request and to celebrate the tenth anniversary of our restaurant, we are now offering some of our most popular sauces to our customers to take home.

The following sauces are now available in elegant labeled Thai Luang containers:
Dumpling Sauce
Crying Tiger Sauce
Peanut Sauce


Serving Suggestions for Thai Luang Sauces

Dumpling Sauce is good with any type of dumpling or other steamed dishes. Of course this sauce is best for with our Ka-Nom-Jeep (Thai dumpling). It is based on soy suace spiced with fresh crushed red chili.

Crying Tiger Sauce (Thai Luang Steak Sauce) is very good with beef, especially with grilled steak. However, it can be used to add flavor to any grilled meat. It is a steak sauce spiced with dried crushed red chili. It is very simply served. If you are having steak for dinner at home, we recommend you just sliced your steak and then dip into our sauce. Also, you can add some finely chopped Chinese Parsley and Spring Onion, for an even more flavorful sauce.

Peanut Sauce is a favorite sauce for those who enjoy peanut flavor. It is normally used for grilled skewer of chicken (Satay). It is also very good as salad dressing.